Sunday, October 2, 2011

Your bike is busted...

That's not what the mechanic told me, but it's practically true.

But first... The rest of the ride. My blogging went downhill for two reasons: (a) no signal - I expect that to be an issue for much of the ride and (b) the dynamo? Mmm, yeah not so much. I need to start with lots of juice and not draw do much. That means no streaming football games and even more sadly, no more tracking my ride with the gps. Total bummer.

The bike. Yeah, so the bearings in my rear wheel are shot. It rides, but when I coast downhill my chain loses tension, and it's a bit of an issue. Next bike shop is at water break 2. That's good. Bad? I have a 12 mile decent tomorrow. Rather than coast it I might have to pedal. I'm prepared to hate tomorrow, but we'll see. The upside is we bike to the coast.

Did I mention it's likely to rain all day? Yeah. Awesome.

Yoga tomorrow at 7... off to sleep. Here's some more cool pics through the Avenue of the Giants today. Simply awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Walter tango foxtrot on your rear hub.

    Noisy bearings? Slow rolling? That does happen.

    But if your chain is also "sucking" - losing tension, that's often a chain/cogs problem relating to wear and tear.

    Be sure to have the chain checked for being stretched and check the front chainrings and rear cogs for sharking.

    As for your charger, replace it with this:


    YOU ROCK! Way to kick some major league climate change ass!!!

    Go! Fight! Win!