Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 2... Welcome to hell

I have no pictures today, only bad, bad, cold memories...

The rain began last night at 11pm and is... Wait let me check... Yep, still going. Everything got wet, although my tent handled the night ok.

The ride was a brutally wet and windy day hovering around 55. The biggest obstacle was Leggett Hill, a monster between the redwood region and the coast of Mendocino County. I made it up the 6 miles then down the looping, winding 12 miles gaining a new appreciation of wind chill factor. As I approached the final hill before the coast (shorter but steeper) my saddle came half unattached... I lost a bolt someplace on Leggett Hill. So, I vanned the rest of the way to Fort Bragg with a bunch of grumpy Climate Riders.

Turns out everyone had a rough day. So much so, we are now taking over the Fort Bragg Quality Inn tonight. Let me tell you: that hot shower was worth everything.

Weather is supposed to improve tomorrow then degrade Wednesday. The bike needs some TLC but I'll deal with it maƱana - tonight is about warm food and a warm bed. I'll return to my (hopefully dry) tent tomorrow night.

When it will rain again.


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