Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yet another Great Falls ride...

Great Falls at EveryTrail

Much nicer ride today... looks like the weather is 50/50 for the C&O completion ride I'm hoping to do this weekend... we'll see!

Miles this trip: 30.5
Total miles trained: 917.4

Sunday, July 24, 2011

WMRT-C&O heat index loop

WMRT C&O heat index loop at EveryTrail

Heat index was well into the 80s at 6am when I started... I decided to forgo the hill work that normally bookends this trip, but the conditions definitely warranted the over-caution.

Lots of trees down on the C&O outbound between MM114 and Hancock, so I switched over to the WMRT for the remainder of the ride. Feels like I'm cheating on the old C&O, but since most people use the paved WMRT it seems the NPS isn't as speedy clearing the trail in the 20 mile section that they run parallel.

I made pretty good time, and it was a good test of not having certain equipment. I left my gloves and bike shorts in DC (easy there... I had shorts, just not my usual), so it was good to see I didn't *need* them. Ok, I broke down and bought new gloves. But the shorts weren't a necessity even for 44ish miles.

Apparently we have a cool down (upper 80s now qualifies as a "cool down") but I think my grand plans to finish the C&O between MM114 and Cumberland might get squished again next weekend with another heat wave. boo. We'll see...

Miles this trip: 43.8
Total miles trained: 886.9